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It is with a heavy heart that I leave this review. No, not that it's due to a bad experience but rather the sudden departing from the complex that produces this. You see, I've been a resident for over two years now and I feel like I should try to give an account of how it was like to live here. Management and staff wise, I couldn't say enough about them. Tracy, Corina, Shaina, all these lovely ladies have been welcoming and accommodating to me and my roommates. The maintenance staff is extremely friendly, Mike being the GOAT, though Adam cannot be discounted either. The premise themselves have been... Up and down. The break ins to the mailbox were unfortunately problematic, but I think that management did well in responding by flipping the box inward. Do I feel like cameras could help? Maybe, but a mask, hat, and dark clothing doesn't deter anyone who wants to get in. There are several residents that continuously walk their dogs off leash and more that don't pick up after them so it's like little landmines all in the grass. This is just bad manners, no other fault but that. The apartment was nice, although there were several things like paint drips on the carpet and strips in the bathroom that come up but nothing major. I do wish the insulation was better, but maybe my upstairs neighbors really do tap dance in cement shoes at 3am. I'd live here again if I could, though rent is pricey, which unfortunately is going to bring down the rating. the neighborhood ain't great, but just not worth the asking price for units.


I have been here for 2 and a half years. If you are military,please don't hesitate to look them up. They are awesome in corresponding with you. Maintenance requests were handled very quickly. Reasonable pricing! Ask for Tracy and Shaina, they are the best.


I can not brag enough about Allure Apartments in Denver, CO!!! I moved here in March of 2023 and have been nothing but impressed. The grounds are clean compared to other apartments, the maintenance team is QUICK to respond I'm talking same day folx! Not only quick but to be completely honest I've only put in 3 work orders sence moving in and 2 of which were nothing big. Like can we change the way the fridge opens and the other was to turn the gas off to the gas fire place during the summer as it's not needed. The dog run is super cute and has a little water fountain for them to use during the summer. Plenty of parking and the gates! Omg a gated community that actually has working gates!!! Also the price for what you're getting can not be beat in my opinion. Also its very quite and peaceful over here which i was worried about. I feel safe and have no issues or heighten safety concerns while walking my dog. - very dog friendly community and for the most part the owners pick up after their pets. They also have the breezeways powerwashed which i think is great to keep the places lokking great! The apartments have recently been renovated and have been done so beautifully and with care. I am so lucky to have had a coworker recommend them to me. I won't be moving for awhile I absolutely love it here and would recommend 100% thanks for making this apartment such a wonderful experience Allure. The last like 3 complex I have been in have been horrible. Such a nice change. Please keep it up and keep all the wonderful staff you have! it really shows everyone that is apart of this team cares.


Management is great. Moved in last week or so. Approved next day of application, moved in a day or so after that. Apartments are actually renovated (versus some other apartments that may have pictures of being renovated but apartment you get isn’t). Kitchen is spacious. Complex is quiet and clean. Price for apartment is great (varies on volatility of market); we managed to get 1878 for 2b2b. My family and I felt lucky to find this place.


My sister and I as first time renters, genuinely feel like we got lucky finding this place. The homes are updated with really nice floor plans; and both management and maintenance were very kind and helpful when working with them. Tracy, Jesus and Shaina are absolute angels. Very sad leaving this place, we stayed for a couple years and the only downfall was rising rent and a few car break ins/theft (though i have a really easy car to break into). With that being said, with the amazing staff and long list of amenities, you do get what you're paying for.


I absolutely love it here! All of the staff is extremely friendly and cares enough to remember you and have conversations! The front office is super friendly! Shaina and Tracy are the perfect front staff, and every time I have ever had any issues or questions they have gone above and beyond to help me! The maintenance team is also incredible! Every time I have had an issue they have fixed it in less than 24 hours sometimes in less than 5 hours! The location is also great by a Walmart, library, and park! I would recommend this place to everyone!


Lived here last year in a newly renovated 1 bedroom on the first floor. Loved the quality and layout of the apartment. Our first day moving in, the faucet was spitting out water causing a slight flood however the maintenance crew came in to fix it the very next day with a new faucet. The best thing about this apartment complex is the maintenance team. Very quick and thorough. The mailbox was broken into thus causing many residents to pick up the mail at the terrible post office. Luckily I wasn’t one of them so I didn’t have to deal with that fiasco. The gym and pool is cool. Dog park was good too. You’ll find the usual amount of dog waste that isn’t being picked up despite the many emails coming from the community manager. I liked the location since I could walk to Walmart to pick up anything. No issues with move out!


We are loving our Apartment. Beautiful inside! Management has been helpful , professional & very kind !


The management is just amazing. I went there for a tour and got approved the same day and moved in the next day. Very spacious apartments and ample parking in the community.


The pIace is very clean, friendly staff. I really enjoy living here.